God brought these two wonderful people into my life many years ago - Karen 30 years ago, & Nico 27 1/2 years as her husband, and they are my forever family. I have seen many lives touched, blessed and healed through them. You can feel the presence of God when you’re around them. Thank you both for all you do and for being such a great example of living a life of faith. Thank you for all your prayers for my family and all the other families you pray for.

Deana Armstrong (Arkansas, USA)

Nico and Karen have ministered to Grace Community on a number of occasions with the Word, Healing and Deliverance. They are passionate about seeing the body of Christ cleansed and whole, and living in holiness until the return of Jesus. They are well grounded in scripture and have an orthodox evangelical view of the Word of God.

Grace Community Servant Leaders (Tauranga, New Zealand)

My wife Sue and I attended Crossroads Church for approximately 3 years where Pastor Nico and Karen were pastoring. It was during a time when I was seeking something a little deeper in my walk with God that I believe God lead me to go to Crossroads. Pastor Nico and Karen’s heart and concern for where it seemed a lot of main stream churches were heading, where entertainment was more the draw card and not the power and presence of God that really struck a chord with me. They have built their ministry around the authority of the word of God, always looking to the scriptures for reference and proof of the validity of their ministry and the workings of God. Hence I can commend them that any ministry or teaching they bring will be biblically sound and seasoned with many years of experience. They believe in the God of miracles confirming the word with signs and wonders following, that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever and is still in business of healing, delivering and setting the captives free!! They have 3 adult children who are all walking with the Lord which I think speaks volumes about their character, integrity and genuineness of their faith.

Paul O'Donnell (Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia)

I was a part of Crossroads Church in Caloundra for approximately two years. During that time I found Pastors Nico and Karen to be people who love the Lord and showed great integrity. Nico and Karen's preaching was always relevant to current events and based on the Word of God. I believe they are both anointed by God and I know for sure that all the Crossroads church members miss them dearly. Our loss is your gain. They will always be in our hearts. I wish them God’s richest blessing for the future.

Rosemary Trudeau (Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia)

As a relatively new believer, I had the privilege of attending Crossroads Church in Caloundra (Queensland, Australia). This church was planted and run by Pastors Nico and Karen. They are an amazing husband and wife team who share their spiritual gifts with love and compassion.

Pastor Nico delivered Holy spirit inspired and bible based sermons/messages. These sermons were very relevant for our contemporary culture and resonated deep within your heart.

Pastor Karen‘s spiritual gift of deliverance ministry is very discerning and powerful and it was certainly a huge blessing to me in my early Christian walk.

I will always be grateful to the Lord for leading me to these wonderful anointed pastors and their loving, supportive and prayer-filled church.

Narelle Kindt (Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia)

Pastor Nico and Karen and their ministry not enough can be said. Faith ,Hope, Love, Holy Spirit, Power, and deep conviction. Love and Blessings.

Brendan Leyser (Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia)

I have had the privilege of sitting under Pastor Nico & Karen's preaching and teaching for many years.

Throughout this time, I have found their Godly message to be confronting yet loving, relevant and interesting, filled with biblical & historical facts.

This is exactly the kind of teaching the Western church in general is lacking & so desperately needs.

Pastor Nico's preaching style is completely politically incorrect but aligns with scripture 100%.

I look forward to hearing him speak again.

David Woodhouse (Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia)

Sitting under the preaching and ministry of Pastors Nico and Karen has been been sobering and exciting, with a touch of humour! It makes you want to draw near to God and to fufil the destiny He has for us as it is not just for now, but for Eternity.

They are great leaders and protective Shepherds, not afraid to stand up against wolves or Jezebels as they raise their heads from time to time. Caring and compassionate, wise and Godly is how I would describe them. They truly speak God's Word and His heart for this generation.

Anna Woodhouse (Sunshine Coast, Qld Australia)